Bernd HilmarBernd Hilmar operates the service Everymail.Net since 1999.

At the beginning in 1999 there was just the need to have a webmail service and I decided to make a public service to give users the possibility to read their emails comfortable with a webmail. I used an open source software and modified it a lot to meet the requirements of the users.

I started with banners on the website to get a little bit money out of it to operate the servers.

Then a lot of new challenges were coming up, we got spamruns, DDoS attacks, registration of spammers and we have to implement spamfilters and registration filters. Additionally I was astonished to get so many requests of marketing companies. Anyway, at this time Everymail.Net was just a free service, but I felt committed to my users and I never traded with any marketing companies. Then it was a long time where I didn’t know what to do with the service. It needed more development, but other companies like Gmail and GMX came up and not so many users registered at Everymail.Net anymore. At the same time the operation of the service started to be more complex.

Then I tried to transfer Everymail.Net to a paid service. Based on a survey one third of all free users voted, they will pay for it, if it becomes a paid service.

So I built up a team and we started to make Everymail.Net more professional. At the end about an eighth of all users converted to paid accounts.

In the last years we discovered the lack of free email accounts, because all the free services are really looking into your inbox to create a profile from the user, to sell this data or use this data in their own advertising networks.

But I believe, that this is really dangerous, because once your are profiled, you dont have any control over your data anymore. I know, that the most of the users don’t care about this issue, but it can become really dangerous. Especially if the legal situation changes and companies can be forced to pass on these profiles.

If you would know me personally and I tell you I give you a mailbox for free, but I want to get access to your mailbox to read your content, you wont trust me. But on the other hand users register mailboxes for free at large companies and users accept that the email provider reads their emails by agreeing the TOS.
And because they like to know you very well, they give you an email address for free. Maybe you guess it is not serious if we charge for a mailbox, but it would be serious if we read your mails?

Email is a service which needs a lot of resources. And resources costs money. And we don’t give your content to marketing companies and we don’t create profiles of users, so we don’t get any money out from any other side to operate the service. We get it only from you, our customer. This is the reason why we charge a small amount for a mailbox.

We don’t offer end-customer services only, we also have products for business services and we operate the mail service for customers with their own dowmains, where they can manage a huge amount of email addresses under one or different domain names in a comfortable interface. And we are proud that a lot of domain holders and companies rely on our service at Everymail.Net.

And I stand personally for it, that your mailbox will never be scanned and will never be profiled. Just you as the owner of the email address has access to the content of your email. Because it matters who knows the content of your mailbox.

Bernd Hilmar

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Season Themes

In 2017 we started with season themes.

*) Live Firework in Baia Mare (Romania, at our companies headquater)
**) Created in our office
***) For Xmas we have many different variations
The New Year firework and the summer theme are background videos


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