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For all your customers - one email management

One email management for all your customers and all your domains. Add as many domains as you want and create, change or delete email addresses for your customers. Manage all email accounts for each customer assigned to their domain names. Create Mailboxes for your customers for their needs on your own mail server.

If you have more domains and you do not need a hosting for them, but email services, it may be expensive to get a hosting plan for each domain. With your own mail server you are free to configure your emails the way you need it across multiple domain names.
Servers are starting at $2.99/p.M. up to enterprise solutions. See all plans ...

Your own business server with a lot of mailspace

Server sizes from 20 GB up to 3,000 GB

Unlimited Domain names

Create mailboxes for your customers in different sizes.

Customers management access to manage his email address for forwarders and aliases

Create sub-customers and let them access the email management for their assigned domain names




Customer mailboxes for all needs

Each Everymail.Net Mailbox comes with the following features:

Each mailbox has a powerful spam and virus filter included.

Webmail, IMAP or POP3 account can be used on any mobile device and on the desktop

Customers mailbox management for rules and own spamfilter settings

Forwarders and unlimited alias addresses included per mailbox.

The right business solution for your needs

If you are a small business with just one domain name, or if you manage a lot of domains and you need to manage the email services for them, than our solution will be right for you.

You can manage everything in one place and the email user has the possibility to manage everything of his own mailbox. Password changes, forwarders, aliases in his account management and in the webmail he can customize his spamfilter, create advanced rules, automatic replies and much more.



Mail Server Management

As server owner you manage domains, sub-customers and email addresses. You can have an unlimited number of domain names.

You assign domain names to your customers (optional).

As server owner or sub-customer you assign different mailbox types for each email address within a domain name.

Your customers can log in to manage the email addresses under their assigned domains.

Email Users have access to the management of their mailbox.

Various types of mailboxes for email users are available, from very small (10 MB – for example if you need the address only as a forwarder address and don’t need a copy of the emails in this mailbox) up 20 GB Mailboxes for heavy email usage. The mailbox sizes can be 10 MB, 500 MB, 1 GB, 2 GB, 4 GB, 6 GB, 8 GB, 10 GB, 15 GB and 20 GB.

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