Does any one else know what is in your mailbox?
Email service

Email is important and a basic service

In addition to all other communication channels, such as social media, Messenger or Collaboration, email is still one of the most important services on the Internet. Order confirmations, notifications of services, enrollments at forums and other services, applications, business or private documents are received and sent via e-mail.


We guarantee your Privacy

We at Everymail.Net believe that the content of a mailbox belongs exclusively to the user of the email address and therefore it must be treated accordingly trustworthy.

We guarantee that we do not cooperate with marketing companies, or create data profiles.

We charge just a small fee for an email address and we guarantee the privacy. The contents of your mailbox will not be analyzed and will not be shared with third parties.



The content of your emails

The content of your mailbox is for you only! But the content of a mailbox is of interest for large companies, as well as for government agencies. From the content of a mailbox a very accurate profile could be created, because your mailbox reveals with which topics you deal and with whom you communicate.


And what about legally?

Legally, we are only obliged to open a mailbox when a judicial warrant exists, or the requesting organization can clearly demonstrate imminent danger.

This is similar to a house search. Whenever there is a request to open a mailbox by a third party, we will notify the affected user.


Therefore, it does matter who is your email provider.

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